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Lombok, Bali's little sister has nothing to envy to the other more well-known islands, she has many riches, ancestral traditions, recognized authenticity and tranquility with amazing landscapes and nature.

You will be surprised by the kindness of the local people and the sense of hospitality and friendliness of these people.

The “Sasak” as they are called here are rooted in rites and customs.

You will be able to embrace the rich and diverse cultures of Lombok which are very diverse and influenced by Islam, Hinduism, Buddhists and animists.

The craft villages with traditional weaving techniques towards Sukara and Pringgasela but also the Banyumulek pottery village and observe the traditional Sasak "SADE" villages.

Seaside tourism with magnificent beaches for lazing around, surfing.

The beaches are so beautiful and still intact that you will believe you are in paradise.


Here a feeling of relaxation takes hold of you.

For surf lovers from around the world, you can catch the waves.

The more athletic, fond of active holidays, will choose to practice water sports, surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding, scuba diving, spearfishing, yoga, meditation and for the more experienced the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

passing through thick tropical forests with dense flora and fauna, rice fields, waterfalls and dizzying waterfalls, and chilli and coffee plantations.

The incomparable appearance of the Rinjani volcano with its rice fields makes Lombok a sensational destination for trekking, climbing and cycling. The second tallest volcano in Indonesia, it is unique because of its lake in a crater that hosts another smaller volcano.


Its ascent takes about two days for the upper part and one day for the rear.



Lombok, petite sœur de Bali n’a rien à envier aux autres iles plus connues, elle possède à elle bien des richesses, des traditions ancestrales, une authenticité reconnue et la tranquillité avec des paysages et une nature étonnante.

Vous serez surpris par la gentillesse de la population locale et le sens de l’hospitalité et convivialité de ce peuple.

Les « Sasak » comme on les appelle ici sont ancrés dans des rites et des coutumes.

Vous pourrez embrasser les cultures riches et diversifiées de Lombok qui sont très diverses et influencés par islam, hindouisme, bouddhistes et animistes.

Les villages d’artisanat avec les techniques de tissage traditionnels vers Sukara et Pringgasela mais aussi le village de poterie Banyumulek et observer les villages traditionnels Sasak « SADE».

Un tourisme balnéaire avec de magnifiques plages pour le farniente, le surf.

Les plages sont si belles et encore intactes que vous vous croirez au paradis.


Ici un sentiment de détente s’empare de vous.

Pour les amateurs de surf du monde entier, vous pourrez attraper les vagues.

Les plus sportifs, affectionnant des vacances actives, feront le choix de pratiquer les sports nautiques, surf, paddle board, body board, plongée sous-marine, peche sous marine, le yoga, la méditation et pour les plus aguerris l’ascension du Mont Rinjani. 
en passant par d’épaisses forêts tropicales avec une  faune et une flore dense, des rizières, des cascades et ses chutes d’eau vertigineuses et les plantations de piments et de café.

L’aspect incomparable du volcan Rinjani avec ses rizières font de Lombok, une destination sensationnelle pour le trekking, l’escalade et le vélo. Deuxième plus haut volcan d’Indonésie, il est unique en raison de son lac dans un cratère qui héberge un autre volcan plus petit.

Son ascension prend environ deux jours pour la partie supérieure et un jour pour l’arrière.

          1 950 000 IDR


Visit the Hindu temple of Batu Bolong ("pierced rock").

Visit the traditional market of Ampenan between the old Chinese and colonial houses.

Visit the Chinese Graveyard

Time lunch and discover north beaches

Visit the Narmada Park, one of the cultural highlights of the island.

Visit the temple of Pura  Lingsar, the most important religious site in Lombok.


The price is for maximum 4 persons.     
DEPARTURE 9.30- 5.30 PM

Excluding meals.

1 950 000 IDR



Hiking in the rice fields (when it’s the season) to observe rural life and passage through the villages of pottery, weaving.

Lunch on the beach.

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Tanjung Aan, panoramic view on bukit Merese, Beach walk beach walk Kuta,

and return by Mawun,paradisiacal and generally deserted bays. (Free time for swimming ...)


Back with stops to watch the various panoramas view



The price is for maximum 4 persons.         DEPARTURE 9.30- 5.30 PM

Excluding meals.

  1 950 000 IDR


Visit the rottan rottan craft. Discovery of the cooperative of women who braid it. 

This is the largest operation of Lombok, wholesale market and traditional market.

Road to the small village in the middle of rice fields, near waterfalls and Benang Setokol Benang kelambu.

Small trek through a forest of Mahogany.

Crossing of ban1ana crops to reach the waterfall Benang Kelambu.

This natural bathing site, from which flows a fresh and fresh water from cracks in the rock is simply a resting place, offering a magnificent view.

A sweet and cool water falls from a low of 20 meters high from the craggy rock face to form a sunken river flowing quietly in a small valley.

The place is perfect for a swim.

Back to Selong Belanak



The price is for maximum 4 persons.             DEPARTURE 8.30 AM- 6 PM


Including meals, BBQ FISH on the beach

1 950 000 IDR




To enrich your stay in Lombok, we would like to encourage you to experience something more.

A visit of the 3 very uncommon islands “Nanggu, Sudak, Kedis or Goleng, Gede, Layar … “, the discovery of the seabed, multicolored fish.

You will sail between the islands, the boat will follow you and stop or you will want it.

You will have a grilled fish on a white sandy island. A change of scenery


We offer the most comfort on our traditional wooden boat.



The price is for maximum 4 persons.         DEPARTURE 8.30- 6 PM

Including meals BBQ FISH on deserted island

                                              2 455 000 IDR


Departure at  08.00 AM  to visit the fish market.

Then this place, boarding a small boat to the beach Pink.

Stop and swim in the crystal clear waters, discover the colorful fish.

Lunch on the beach.

Freeze Small Island of sand and snorkeling among the coral and secret beach just access with a boat


Back around 17:30  Selong Belanak




The price is for maximum 4 persons.      DEPARTURE 8.30 AM- 6 PM


Including meals, BBQ FISH on the beach

Lesson Surf 2 Hours : 350 000 IDR / per person



Our surf lessons are designed to make you, the student, independent as quickly as possible.

We do this by providing instruction, guidance and teaching but in a very hands off approach.

Our teaching method is methodical and moves as fast as you learn each skill.

Surf lessons are available all year and are conducted at a beach that is suitable for your experience.


The price is included 2 hours lessons surf, board.



For 2 dives     1,900,000 IDR /   For 3 dives     2,200,000 IDR

Our PADI partner benefits from over 25 years of knowledge in the Indonesian diving industry.

they never exceed 4 divers for an experienced guide, although we rarely reach this number,

All our equipment is new and their boat captain and guides do not decide dive sites until after having assessed the ocean conditions for this day.

They dive every day in the Tanjung Ringgit / Alas Straight area because the diving is protected, the coral life is magnificent, the marine life is incredible and in addition you will probably be the only diver in the water! Since they opened the dive shop here, they have come across large pelagics such as schools of tuna, giant trevallies, sharks but also turtles, dolphins and a whale! If you like macro creatures, you will be served with a full range of nudibranchs, octopuses with blue rings, giant frogfish and even rhinopias!


Before we start, let me first get to know you a bit by asking a few questions to create the perfect program that will meet your needs.


What is your level of certification?

When was your last dive?

How many dives do you have under your belt?

In which hotel are you going to stay?



We leave at 7:30 am from Kuta for 40 min drive to join our boat which remains in a very pretty local fishing village in the mangrove. On the way, you could be greeted by water buffalo, cows, goats or chicken on the side of the road! It then takes 25 minutes by boat to get to our first dive site around Tanjung Ringgit Area.

We make our first dive and we stop on a protected beach next to the pink beach for 1h30 to 2h lunch break. The white sand beach is beautiful and you will have plenty of time to sunbathe, swim or snorkel in the area if you wish. We then head to our second dive site and return to Kuta around 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. depending on our respect for the program (some people like to have a little more fun on the beach than others ;-p)

The price for 2 dives is IDR 1,900,000 including transport, equipment, guide and lunch.

The price for 3 dives is 2,200,000 IDR.


Besides being a diving trip, it is also a very nice adventure where you can go through the undefeated track of Lombok :)



We offer diving packages for several days of diving:

3 days / 6 dives package 5% discount

4+ days / 8 dives package 10% discount

5% discount if you are a professional diver

5% discount if you have your complete equipment


The maximum cumulative discount can only be 15%.






Every day at 07.30 am